Android Pay Seems To Be Confirmed For I/O Launch

May 28, 2015 - Written By John Anon

By now, most readers will be more than aware that today is Google day, aka Google Christmas, aka Google I/O. As a result, there will be an abundance of announcements all coming down the wire over the next few hours and even days. With likely announcements coming through regarding Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TV, Android M and generally, pretty much anything and everything Android. If you are just tuning in (before the event) then you can watch the event and follow our live blog by clicking here.

Well, one of the aspects which has been doing the rumor mills massively over the past few weeks is Android Pay. This is of course, Google’s next generation of paying digitally with your android smartphone or device. The speculation up until now has largely centered on how Google Wallet was not doing enough to gain momentum and had now fallen behind the recently released Apple Pay. As such, the rumors were that Google were planning on launching a rebranding and effectively, reinvented version of the pay system, known as Android Pay. To be fair, Android Pay as an entity was somewhat confirmed back at MWC at the start of March, however, the details of the system and how it will work was not really provided. That said, since MWC, the more recent rumors have gone on to suggest that certain carriers, manufacturers and retailers were already signing up for the new platform. This seemed to suggest that the reinvention of the format was working.

Well, along with all the other rumors, it was largely speculated that Android Pay will make an appearance at Google’s I/O event this year. In fact, the most recent speculation on this point only emerged in the last few hours. Now, following on from this, it does seem that Android Pay will certainly be on show at the event as this neat image (shown above) clearly demonstrates. As such, we can expect to hear much more about the new Android Pay format, what it will offer and when it will be available for android users in the coming hours.