Amazon India & OnePlus Team Up For Sweet Deal

May 24, 2015 - Written By Brian Hillegass

Tech start-up OnePlus seems to be showing up in headlines with more frequency recently.  Despite its aging first generation product, the news would seem to logically follow the upcoming successor.  However, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer continues to incentivize buying the existing handset.  More recently, the OnePlus One made its way to the neighboring smartphone hotbed of India.  Just last Wednesday, Indian based online merchant Overcart was offering “unboxed” units of the flagship killer for a significant discount.  Unfortunately, not only has that deal passed, but only a limited number of these units were available.  Perhaps you missed out on this prior offer?  Cheer up, we have yet another deal to tell you about.

For the spec hungry, the OnePlus One is still a capable smartphone.  Few can argue its affordability in relation to both raw power and the uniqueness of using any GSM carrier due to its unlocked nature.  For those slightly impatient, or concerned when the next iteration of the flagship might reach the Indian market, Amazon has teamed up with OnePlus to help you decide.

Marking the 6 month anniversary since coming to India back in December, the OnePlus team will be offering a 2,000 Rs ($32.00) Amazon Gift Card with a purchase of the OnePlus One.  The deal is available directly on Amazon.In.  Be warned, as this is a limited offer that seems to be expiring on 5/31 according to the terms and conditions page.  There are a few things to note if you haven’t brushed up on your OnePlus One knowledge recently.  The company has said farewell to the invite system so you should be receiving your shiny new toy rather speedily.  Unlike prior deals, this seems to work for both the 16GB Silk White and 64GB Sandstone variants of the phone.  This is a nice little promotion as it will help alleviate the cost of those bonus accessories, or maybe just picking up a little treat for yourself. A quick rundown will remind you the OnePlus One still packs quite a punch.  There are 2 storage options, 16GB & 64GB respectively, 3GB of ram, a gorgeous 5.5″ Full HD panel, a sizeable 3100 mAh battery, the still zippy Snapdragon 801, and of course a specialized version of Android called Oxygen OS.