Yu’s Yureka Also Set To Receive CM12S Lollipop “Soon” After Entering Certification Period Today

April 13, 2015 - Written By John Anon

For OnePlus One owners, all the talk since this year begun, has been about Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and when it will arrive. The OxygenOS questions were finally answered last week when OxygenOS was released. However, the CM12S questions still remain unanswered. With the latest details suggesting that it will arrive in the next few days (hopefully by Wednesday). Well, it is not only the OnePlus One who is waiting on CM12S. In fact, a newer device than the OnePlus One, which also runs on the same version of Cyanogen is also waiting for its Lollipop update to come through. The device is the Indian-manufactured Yureka by Micromax’s Yu brand.

In terms of Yu’s Yureka, the latest is that like the OnePlus One, Yureka is expected to receive its CM12S soon. That said, it seems unlikely that it will receive its update as soon as the OnePlus One will. In the case of the OnePlus One, the reason given for the delay in rolling out CM12S before now, was CM12S was still waiting on certification from Google. In fact, according to Carl Pei, the certification was only received on Friday and this is now why the device is only ‘days away‘ from receiving the update.

In contrast, a post sent out today (source link below) by Micromax Co-founder, Rahul Sharma, details that CM12S for the Yureka has only just entered the certification period. Like the OnePlus One, this is Google’s certification with Sharma comments stating that it was only sent for certification this morning. As a result, there was no firm or definitive time-frame or ETA given by Sharma, as to when the update will eventually land. Instead, Sharma simply states “the software has been submitted to Google for approval today, and if all goes well the rollout should happen soon“. Noting that the delay in applying for certification has come from some minor setbacks which had to be addressed. Sharma finishes up the post by stating they will provide more information on the update when they become known. You can read the post on the Yu forum in full, by clicking the source link below.