Google Play Services Updated With Improved Android Wear And Fit Functionality

April 28, 2015 - Written By John Anon

It was only a week ago when reports began to emerge noting that Google Play Services had received an update which made the compatibility of certain devices with Android Auto much more responsive. Well, today, Google announced another update to their Play Services, which adds a lot more function to other aspects of the android world. The update which comes in the form of Google Play Services 7.3 seems to offer more functionality for Android Wear (the Wear API) and Fit (the Fit API).

In terms of Android Wear, the update sees the ability to connect more than one Wear device to one smartphone or tablet. As such offering the user(s) the ability to receive their notifications and the likes on multiple Wear devices. However, the ability to simply connect more than one Wear device is one thing, the ability to more effectively control the syncing and sending of information between the host phone or tablet and the receiving Wear devices is quite another. This is where today’s update really comes to life, as Google detail in their blog post (source link below) the newer API’s which have now been introduced to make the process easier. In terms of Fit, the update is less significant than the Wear aspect, although, for users of Fit third party services and apps, it will be of great use. The update sees a more refined and detailed approach to how information retrieved from the sensors is collected and displayed. In particular, Google notes this will be more beneficial for Wear based devices.

Although, those are probably the two biggest end-user noted aspects of the update to Play Services, Google also does note that both the ‘Location’ and ‘Connecting to Google Play services’ relative API’s have also been updated. Not to mention, Google has also released the SDK of version 7.3 for developers to further tinker with and integrate into their third party relevant apps. If you are interested in reading in more detail, the changes coming through in the latest version of Google Play Services, then click the source link below. Alternatively, you can check out the quick video the android developers team put together by hitting play.