Featured Review: Verus Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

April 20, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

One of the many cases that Verus has available for the Galaxy S6 Edge, is their Wallet case. Which is actually a pretty popular case style. Basically, it’s a leather flip case that has a slot on the inside for you to place some cash or debit cards, etc. The back also folds back so you can stand it up and watch videos on your Galaxy S6 Edge. Which is a pretty neat feature actually. This one is made of smooth PU Leather, and uses a microfiber texture inside to prevent scratches on your Galaxy S6 Edge.

Inside the leather case, there is a clear case that holds the Galaxy S6 Edge in place. It’s great because you don’t really see it, but it also makes sure the device is secure. The last thing you want is for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to fall out of its case that is supposed to be protecting it. Verus does have a cut out on the back for the camera and flash module. There’s also access to the headphone jack, microUSB and speaker down at the bottom. As well as access to the power and volume rocker. Basically the clear case, or shell, just holds the device in place using the corners. Since this is for the Galaxy S6 Edge, they can’t really have it going over the edges, or the curved glass pretty much becomes pointless.

Having a case that you can keep your ID, and even some cash in is great. Especially for those times you want to run out and don’t bring your wallet. Now you won’t need too. Just grab your Galaxy S6 Edge and go. Especially with mobile payments starting to take off with Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay, you may not even need to bring any cards with you.

The Verus Wallet case is currently available on Amazon for just $17.99. It’s available in a slew of colors as well. Which include crayon black, crayon brown, and crayon warm gray. They also have some limited edition’s available, that obviously, cost more.