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Featured: Top 10 Slots Apps For Android

April 16, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Many of us use our android devices for different things. While some use them to keep in touch with friends and family, others use them to make better use of their work life. Of course, there are also those who are more inclined towards android gaming. Not to mention, there are also though who prefer the idea of more adult gaming. If the latter is you and your favorite type of gaming is slots, then here are ten slots-based android apps you might want to take a look at.

Double Diamond Slot Machine

DiamondStarting today’s app offerings is an app which offers a straight up slots experience. Compared to some of the apps on this list, this one is much more of a traditional slots game and therefore, those interested in a purer experience will probably quite like this game. Not to mention, the app offers 250 free coins to get you started.

Slot Machine

Slot Machine2Compared to the last app, Slot Machine offers a slightly more animated approach. Although, the gameplay is just as strong. In fact, this one will offer the opportunity to play with 5 paylines. As well as a multiplayer function, 75 levels and leaderboards to see how well you stack up against other players.



MonopolyIf so far, the apps offered are far too traditional, then Monopoly Slots will offer a much more themed approach. This one is the official Monopoly Slots app, developed by EA and offers a ton of gameplay including a bunch of bonus games which can be played alongside more traditional slots offerings.

Slots Zeus’s Way

ZeusLikewise, Zeus’s Way offers a much more themed approach to slots. This one offers a mystical approach to the traditional game. As well as the standard experience of paylines and reels, there is a variety of additional themes games within the app including Ancient Greek, School of Magic, and Black Jack.

Slot Machines by IGG

IGGIf you like the Texas Hold’Em Poker Deluxe app then this might be the slots app for you. This one is developed by IGG, who are the guys who brought to market Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe. As such, you can expect a similar level of gameplay, graphics and animations.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot SlotsJackpot Slots is another highly customized and feature loaded app. As well as traditional slots, there are a number of additional mini-games including the likes of video poker. As such, there is plenty of gameplay on offer with this app. Not to mention, more than 60 different themes for the main slots experience.


Fortune Wheel Slot Machine

Fortune WheelFortune Wheel combines the experience of slots with one of the most famous Casino experiences, the wheel of fortune. As such you get the best of both worlds with this game and can take part in one of the most famous Vegas versions of slots.


Wonderland Slot Machine

WonderlandWonderland Slot Machine is another highly customized slots experience which combines slots with the Alice in Wonderland world. Therefore, if you are looking for a slots game, but one in which you can submerge yourself in a fantasy world, then this might be the one to try.


Slots – Pharaoh’s Way

PharaohPharaoh’s Way, follows on from Zeus’s Way, although sidesteps from the mythical Greek world to that of Ancient Egypt. Therefore, if you are interested in Egypt and the iconic imagery of the Pharaoh’s then this might be the one to try.

Hit it Rich!

Hit it RichIf you are looking for the ultimate timing slots game then Hit it Rich is the one to go for. This one offers slots in a ton of different themed options. Some of those themes on offer include the Terminator, Bridesmaid, Duck Dynasty, Wizard of Oz, Downton Abbey and Sex and the City. Therefore, this one offers a theme for just about every type of slots player.