Featured: Top 10 Android News Stories April 19th – 25th

April 26, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Lots happened this week in the world of Android and tech, but it isn’t always possible to read things as they come out, as we all have busy lives. If you have missed anything from the past seven days here’s a quick little recap of the top 10 articles from the past week. Quite possibly the biggest news, was Google’s official announcement of their long-rumored wireless network, which we now know to be officially called Project Fi. Sony also announced the Xperia Z4 officially this week, which had spent the last few months as nothing more than rumors and whispers, unfortunately it will be a Japan only release.

Sony wasn’t the only smartphone manufacturer to unveil some big news, LG announced their official launch dates for the G4, which starts with South Korea and will launch as early as April 29th which is this coming Wednesday. They also announced the official pricing and availability of the LG Watch Urbane. Other news from Google sees Chrome OS getting Box integration in the near future, and the ability to now “find your phone” via Google Search on a computer. Not one to be outdone by Google, Facebook announced their official dialer app this week, called Hello. That’s it for the breakdown, if you’re interested in reading more check out the links below for the complete list.

Chrome OS to get Box Storage Integration Soon

Google now offers the ability to send directions from a computer to your Android phone

T-Mobile brings back the Sony Xperia Z3, With Cheaper $500 Price Tag

Luxottica CEO: Google Glass 2 Coming Soon And Third Version Already Being Considered

Google Becomes an MVNO with Project Fi, Invite Only for Now

Facebook Launch New “Hello” Dialer App For Android With Improved Contacts And Call Blocking

LG Makes The Watch Urbane Available Through The Google Store Starting This Month

Rumor: Sony Planning Major Redesign of Camera Software in Next Xperia Z Flagship

LG Confirms the LG G4 Released in Korea on April 29

Sony Xperia Z4 Is Now Official, Complete With A 5.2-Inch 1080p Display, 3GB Of RAM And A 20.7MP Camera