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Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Musicians – 4/21/15

April 21, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Whether a budding musician or a seasoned pro, the ever-evolving world of tech means making music is becoming much more of an on-the-go experience. Gone are the days when you had to stay close to your mixing desk, home studio or amp. Now, you can find an app for just about every aspect of music making. With that in mind and whatever your level, here are ten android apps for musicians which are worth checking out.

Perfect Ear 2

perfect eStarting today’s app offerings is a very popular app for budding and experienced musician alike. Regardless of your current level of musical training, improving your rhythm and playing-by-ear is always a beneficial pastime. With that in mind, Perfect Ear 2 follows on from the highly successful Perfect Ear app and is a great tool for ear training.



DrumgeniusAn essential ingredient for any musician is a good drum or loop machine. Drumgenius is a perfect example of the type of app which can emulate a drum and loop machine. This one contains over 367 loops and covering all genres from Jazz through to Rock.


PitchLab Guitar Tuner (PRO)

PitchLab Guitar Tuner (PRO)In music land, one of the most popular types of apps is guitar tuners. This is partly because they completely remove the need to carry a physical tuner with you. As such, there are plenty of guitar tuner apps to choose from. A good pick of what’s available though is PitchLab Guitar Tuner.


Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice RecorderNow you have sorted out your drum loops and your guitar is all ready and tuned, you might have started thinking about performing and recording. Although, an app is never going to offer a true recording experience, some apps will provide you with a decent enough ability to record on the fly and see how you are sounding. Smart Voice Recorder is one of them.

Metronome Beats

Metronome BeatsAny experienced musician (and those budding ones who are already learning) will know one of the most difficult aspects to initially master is perfecting your rhythm. As such, a good rhythm building app is essential. Metronomes are a great way to keep your rhythm and timing tight.


Drum metronome

Drum metronomeLikewise, if you are looking for a drum based metronome app then this might be the one worth checking out. Drum Metronome offers forty different select drum patterns and the BPM can be adjusted from 60 through to 300.


Midi Commander

Midi CommanderThe newer wave of musicians will be well versed when it comes to Midi controllers and what can be achieved with them. As such, there are more advanced Midi controller app becoming available each year. Compared to some of the other apps, these are far more advanced and technical, but if you know what you are doing, great things can be achieved.


n-Track Studio DEMO

n-Track Studio DEMOOK, first up it does need to be stated that this is a Demo version only. As such, the functionality of this app is limited unless you buy the full unlocked version which goes for $19.99. That said, a studio mixer and recorder is essential for those that want to fine tune and perfect their recordings on the fly. The benefit of this Demo version is you can at least check out the functionality and see if it is right for you before handing over you hard earned money.



MuseScoreSimilar to ear training, another essential ingredient for musicians is sheet music. Whether you are just looking to improve your sheet reading skills or are looking for an app which offers a good selection of scores then MuseScore might be worth checking out. The app will allow you to hear the scores being played first, as well as adjust the tempo if needed.


SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundcloudWhile all of the apps so far have been technical based apps, closing out today’s list is a far more subtle app for musicians. Whether you are looking for your next source of inspiration or looking for a way to promote your music then SoundCloud is an excellent option. Here you will find the most on-trend offerings as well as great mixes of the classics.