Asus ZenFone 2 Hits Record Pre-Order of 2 Million Units

April 7, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

As a company Asus has been in the technology game for a long time now.  Known in the PC world for their high quality components and other quality products, Asus moved into the smartphone race some time ago as well.  Unlike the PC world where Asus isn’t the cheapest brand around, they took a different approach to the smartphone race.  Starting with entry level phones Asus has slowly pushed up the minimum specs of the market while still keeping the price point low, and the Asus ZenFone 2 is no exception to that rule.  We enjoyed last year’s ZenFone 5 LTE and while the naming convention is a little confusing this year’s model is the ZenFone 2, designed to show succession rather than screen size in its name.

Like last year’s model the Asus ZenFone 2 sells for a cheap price when compared to many bigger name brands like LG and Samsung but feature specs that keep it in the race for leading performance.  Right now the ZenFone 2 sells on Amazon for $220 but it’s still in the process of being pre-ordered in China.  In fact pre-order numbers for China have reached a staggering 2 million units, highlighting the demand for quality phones at a low price.  Pre-orders in China work differently than in other parts of the world as customers who pre-order aren’t required to actually purchase the device they’ve showed interest in, as there’s no money exchange normally required to pre-order a device.

This doesn’t mean that the ZenFone 2 won’t be Asus best seller yet though, quite the opposite more than likely.  Asus goal for China is to sell over 9 million phones in 2015, a goal that will almost assuredly be met if demand for the ZenFone 2 and Asus other 2015 phones proves to be as high as these pre-order numbers suggest.  Asus has gone further to project that it will sell 30 million units worldwide; an impressive number considering that Asus goal for China was the number of phones they sold in the entirety of 2014 worldwide, about 8.5 million in total.  The ZenFone 2 packs Intel’s latest mobile processing chipsets and packs a serious punch not just in affordability but in performance too.  Asus is also touting their Pixel Master camera technology that’s designed to blow you away with quality irregardless of the price of the phone.  Asus goals are lofty but with this great combination of hardware power and price tag it may very well meet or exceed those goals.