Samsung Revamps S-Health For The Galaxy S6 And The Galaxy S6 Edge

March 2, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz


Smartphones and wearables have become somewhat of integral cog in the way we interact with our health and fitness needs. We use smartwatches and fitness trackers to measure our heart rates and track our sleep patterns. Smartphones count our steps and analyze the data collected by wearables, then feed it back to us in an easy to digest app that we might visualize all of our progress and performance. The way we interact with our health and exercise is shifting in the traditional sense and like many other things, is being incorporated into our mobile device use more and more.

Samsung has been doing this with the S-Health app since it was introduced back on the Samsung Galaxy S4, and with each device release they have revamped and tweaked the app just a little to add more intuitive and useful features. It’s no different with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge as they’ve improved the app for the experience on the new devices once again. S Health already tracks a number of different things related to our health, and visualizes everything right on the screen, and while most of the changes in this new and improved version are probably aesthetic to take advantage of the new version of TouchWiz and the Android Lollipop software, there are also a couple of refinements for the functionality.

As Phone Arena points out, the visual changes will be noticeable to users, as the interface looks more like a stock Android design. S Health will feature multiple pages of different categories like for health recommendations, and when you scroll down the page you will find little boxes for various different health related functions like measuring your heart rate and measuring your calories burned. It almost has a Google fit type style to the UI which looks like it feels seamless to use and interact with. Using some of the functionality has changed too, as when checking your heart rate using the sensor on the back of the device which is seated next to the camera, the measurement happens in real time and takes only a few seconds to feed you back the information. As far as new features go, S Health will now have a box where users can manually add in how many servings of daily caffeine intake they’ve had, as well adding in their daily water consumption. For the most part though, S Health will be just as people remember it, albeit with an enhanced fell and slightly tweaked UI.