Latest Unofficial iOS/Android Wear Compatibility Video Shows Working Music Controls

March 23, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Over the last month or two a couple of videos have leaked from a popular Android developer, Mohammad AG, showing off the Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch working in tandem with an iPhone. Previously the videos posted showed the Moto 360 capable of receiving notifications from iMessage, with a second video posted only weeks ago showing off the watch receiving a notification for a Face Time call with the capability to accept it. The latest video shows off the Android Wear device’s capability to control music on an iOS device, further displaying the possibilities of making Android Wear work with iPhones and iPads.

This new video follows a tweet from Mohammad AG not too long ago that mentions he had spotted iOS related code inside of Android Wear 4.4W, which suggests that Google could actually be working on iOS device compatibility with Android Wear smartwatches. The video is short and goes through each of the controls working pretty flawlessly, it even displays the low battery notification that pops up on the iPhone screen, so it seems more and more functionality between the two platforms is becoming possible. It’s worth noting again though that these capabilities were achieved by Mohammad with the process of Jailbreaking his device, but if Google is indeed working on the iOS compatibility themselves that process won’t be needed by users eventually.

If and when iOS is ever officially supporting a connection to Android Wear devices, Google has a real opportunity to grab up some users who may have otherwise gone with an Apple Watch, which is scheduled to launch coming up in April. Whether or not the majority of Apple device users will have any interest in using an Android Wear smartwatch as opposed to one that fits more appropriately into their own ecosystem is unclear, but the option to choose is never a bad thing. Even if Google doesn’t implement Android Wear compatibility on iOS devices, the option will likely still be there for anyone interested in braving the process of jailbreaking, depending on if developers continue to work with things on their own accord.