HTC’s Upcoming One M9 To Potentially Support LTE Bands 2 And Band 12

March 3, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

According to a post on reddit, the HTC One M9 is looking like it will be coming to T-Mobile with support for T-Mobile’s Band 2 LTE as well as support for the low band 700MHz LTE. The details were spotted on an FCC filing that displays the different network frequency support HTC’s new flagship will carry. This means that HTC’s new phone should support all of T-Mobile’s LTE bands which will be a great thing for consumers who may have been on the fence between the M9 and another device. The main reason being is because HTC’s last flagship, the HTC One M8 did not fully support all of T-Mobile’s LTE bands. It lacked support for Band 2 and Band 12, which coincidentally are the two that it has seemingly gained this year.

In addition to LTE bands 2 and 12, the HTC One M9 T-Mobile model will also support LTE bands 4, 7, and 17, on T-Mobile’s network, as well as WCDMA bands II, IV, and V, and GSM bands 850 and 1900. As pointed out by the reddit post, while there is not any confirmation this is the T-Mobile model listed, there is at least one band of LTE that belongs to AT&T that isn’t shown on the supported list of bands we stated above, which includes LTE band 5 and AWS HSPA+.

This puts HTC right at the front being able to contend with rival Samsung who last year offered up the Galaxy S5 which did support the missing LTE bands the HTC One M8 was lacking. Now that specific LTE band compatibility is looking like it’s no longer going to be an issue, the deciding factor for customers to go with any other phone over the new HTC One M9 will have to be based solely on features and other factors and not because the device didn’t support a specific band type that might have been best suited for particular customers. HTC is expected to be launching the HTC One M9 by early Spring, which some are speculating may be by the end of this month. Rumored pricing is said to be around $599 which was listed as the suggested retail value by HTC in the terms and conditions of their contest to win an HTC One M9 before you can buy one.