Gramophone Is A Free Material Design Music Player App Which Is Currently Available As A Private Beta Download

March 23, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Music player apps are an extremely popular option for android users. This is probably due to two reasons. One, smartphones are increasingly (if not already) becoming user’s default music playing device. The second reason is the level of customization and variance that is offered to android owners for their music players. If you are on a subscription based service like Spotify or Google Play Music, then chances are you are using a streaming music app as your main music player. However, both Spotify and Play Music do lack somewhat, when it comes to their general presentation. Especially when you compare them to the likes of DoubleTwist or Shuttle.

Well, if you are in the market for a new looking and functioning music player then one is on the Horizon. Gramophone is already starting to attract some attention in spite of the app not being widely available. Instead, the app is currently in a private beta mode which means you have to join the Google+ Community to be able to access and download from the Google Play listing. That said, the app does seem to offer users a real viable Material Design option.

Gramophone places a big emphasis on Material Design and as such you can expect a real clean looking music player. The app is integrated with and as such will pull all your artwork from there. Not to mention, the app comes with a built-in tag editor for on the fly adjustments. As well as the more traditional elements you would expect, like a homescreen widget and lockscreen controls. If you are thinking about giving this a go, then one issue you should know about is that it does not currently offer Google Play Music support. This is a local player only and as such can only access the music you have stored on your device. Whether this changes in the future, remains to be seen. However, if you do want to give it a go, then you can follow the link to head over to the Google+ community to download the beta version. If you don’t want to download the private beta, then it is also worth noting the app is expected to become publicly available on the Play Store from March 29th.