Google Updates YouTube App For Android With 4K Video Search[APK]

March 18, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google’s beloved video service known as YouTube has been updated today, which brings along at least one notable new feature to the Android application. The option to search for 4K resolution videos. YouTube on the web has supported 4K videos for some time, but now those who primarily use the Android app for consumption of their favorite videos and channels will be able to set search filters to include 4K videos which should make finding them that much easier when doing searches for specific content. Along with 4K video search filters users can expect the usual performance fixes and improvements that tend to come along with every app update from Google, as well as some visual changes in this version.

Keep in mind this update may not be live for everyone, however, we do have a link to the apk download for you below courtesy of Android Police. Once you have the apk file installed or you’ve gotten the update to the YouTube app normally by waiting for it to show up in the “my apps” section of the Play Store, enabling 4K video filters is actually quite easy to do. You can access the filter options for videos once you search for a specific type of content. After you search for videos, you can see an icon in the top right-hand corner of the app that looks kind of like an upside down pyramid shape, and tapping on that brings up the video filters options.

This is where the 4K filter box will be listed along with the rest of the filters for different types of video filters including HD, 3D, Closed Captions, Creative Commons, and Live video types. As for the visual changes in this version of the app, they’re relatively small but some will surely appreciate them. Google has swapped out the old video upload button that used to be an arrow pointing upwards with a line under it, and instead is now using the arrow-shaped send icon that faces right which you can find when composing a new email inside of Gmail. There has also been some alteration to the trim feature for when you edit videos, as users might notice they have a tiny bit more space on screen whenever they’re cutting bits and pieces out before an upload. You can grab the apk file here for the latest version if you don’t care to wait for the YouTube update to hit your device normally.