Google Now Is Getting Updated Cards For Travel And Calendar Information

March 22, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google Now grows more and more useful with each passing day, as teams of hard working people at the search company are busy injecting new features and improved functionality into the app for users. During the evolution of Google Now, cards have been added for all kinds of things including score cards for up to date scores on your favorite sports teams, weather, and many other types. As of recently, it seems Google is slowly but surely updating the cards for calendar and travel information, although only a handful of users are reportedly seeing these changes so far, which means Google is enabling the feature from their end.

The changes to the travel card aren’t necessarily new, rather things are just getting shifted around and updated. Normally when you have travel information, like flight times, listed inside of your Gmail Google Now would end up tossing a card at you for the time of the flight, as well as cards with details about what Hotel you may be staying in and what the weather will be like when you get there. Google seems to be rolling all of these cards associated with travel into one seamless card with the time of the flight listed initially, and the rest of the information becoming visible after users expand the card to show more info. This certainly would keep things less cluttered.

In regards to the calendar cards, Google seems to be tweaking the calendar card to include “agenda” view whenever you might have an upcoming day packed with events and things to do. This new view shows users what the most recent upcoming event on the calendar is, and once again the remaining events in the agenda are viewable by expanding the card to reveal the rest of the details. These might be tiny little changes but they will be tiny little changes with big impacts for a lot of users. It might still be a little while before everyone begins to see the changes in their own Google Now screens, but Google is definitely turning these functions on.