Google Giving Away $50 Google Play Credit with Nexus and Android Wear Purchases

March 17, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Google is no stranger to deals, especially when it comes to deals on the Play Store.  Google recently celebrated the Play Store’s 3rd birthday with the usual set of sales on albums, movies and apps, and now it’s giving away some Google Play credit for customers who buy the latest set of Google devices.  When you purchase either a Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or any Android Wear-powered smartwatch from the Google Store you’ll receive an email from Google containing a promotional code good for $50 in Google Play credit.  Google Play credit can be used for anything on the Play Store, so any app, game, movie, song, album or other piece of entertainment is completely eligible for purchase using these funds.

While this isn’t quite as good of a deal as maybe $50 off the price tag would be, it gives people incentive to check out the Play Store and put down a significant chunk of change in developers’ and other studios hands.  It also helps new users that aren’t familiar with the Play Store or users that might not use it that often a reason to peruse Google’s extensive library of apps, games, movies, music and more.  The Play Store has outgrown every other store out there, including Apple’s Appstore, and the growth pattern shows it continuing to grow and remain top dog for a very long time to come.  We’ve also seen that Google will be adding ESRB-type ratings to Play Store listings to further help people filter the garbage out, especially parents looking to have more tools to make their jobs as parents easier.

In addition to this deal Google is dropping the price of the Sony Smartwatch 3 by $50, making it a cool $199 on the Google Store.  Couple this with the $50 Google Play credit and you’ve got a pretty fantastic deal on your hands.  Android Wear is a phenomenal platform that gives you the option to choose the watch and technology you want while not having to worry about the platform itself, guaranteeing software updates that are transparent.  This lets you focus on your style rather than the Android version your watch is running, giving you a truly smart smartwatch.