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Featured: Top 10 Flight Tracking Apps For Android

March 27, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Whether you are a frequent flier, know someone who is taking a flight soon or just interested in flights then there are a wealth of flight tracking apps available. Some of these are more functional offering users the ability to stay informed on a flight progress and arrival time while some others offer comprehensive real-time tracking of flights worldwide. To help you identify some of the better options out there, here is ten flight tracking apps for android you might want to consider trying.

FlightView Free Flight Tracker

FlightViewThe first offering on today’s list is FlightView and this is a typical flight tracking app. FlightView will provide you will all the information you need on any flight(s) including current location, ETA, arrival gate, distance and will even provide push notifications on a flight. Great all round option.


Airport + Flight Tracker

Airport+Airport + Flight Tracker is exactly as the name suggests, This app not only provides you with information on a particular flight but will also provide you with information on over 2,500 airports worldwide. This includes information on live arrival/departure boards (FIDS), shops available and even terminal maps.



Flightradar24 Free

FlightRadarHands down, Flightradar is one of the best flight tracking apps available. This one will not only show you the current position of your flight but will also show you the current position of all flights in any given area.


Airline Flight Status Tracking

Airline Flight StatusThis one is another flight tracking app which will provide you with basic tracking details on any flight you want to monitor. However, this app does come with some additional features like 10-day forecasts for arrival cities as well as a rather decent syncing ability for those who like to use TripIt.


Flight Companion

Flight CompanionFlight Companion is another app which places great emphasis on the visual presentation of tracked flights. As such, you can expect decent animated world maps with real-time updates and movement on selected flights and routes.


FlightAware Flight Tracker

Flight AwareFlightAware again works in a similar manner to Flight Companion and Flightradar, providing comprehensive and detailed mapping of tracked flights. Once again, this is a live updated map which will show you in real time aircraft movements for both commercial and some private aircrafts.



Flight TrackerFlight Tracker is a handy app for those who want to keep loved ones informed on their progress and travels. By signing in and creating an alert of your flight, you can advise the app of who to inform and the recipients will receive hourly updates on your flight progress.


KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

KayakMany users will already know of KAYAK as they are one of those all-encompassing travel apps which lets you book flights, hotels and rent cars with a few easy clicks. That said, many people might not know the app also offers a flight tracking service. So, this is a great option for those who do not want to install a dedicated flight tracking app but would like a flight tracking feature.


SeatGuru: Maps+Flights+Tracker

Seat GuruSeatGuru is another well-known travel app and again is much more than a flight tracker. As well as providing information on tracked flights, this app also provides detailed information on the aircraft, routes, seating and everything else you might want to know about an airline. Great for those who want a more detailed description of any particular aircraft, route or airline.



GoogleOf course, there is always Google. The Google app is a one-stop shop to everything and if you are after a simple way to track flights then the Google app will offer this. Not to mention, with Google Now, users can benefit from extremely accurate arrival information and push notifications provided directly to their device.