Featured: Top 10 Best Income Tax Apps

March 7, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’re fast approaching the time when we all get our tax refunds from Uncle Sam. Many have already filed, while some have not. It’s important to make sure you file before it’s too late. And there are a ton of apps that can help out with that.

TurboTax Tax Preparation

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TurboTax has some great tools for those that need to file their taxes. With their Tax Preparation app, it walks you through preparing your tax return and you can also submit it straight from your smartphone. Which is actually really cool.


TaxSlayer Go

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With TaxSlayer Go, you can also prepare and send in your tax returns straight from the App. It will also show you how much you are likely to get back from both federal and state. It’s quick, fast and most importantly, secure.


TaxCaster by TurboTax

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With TaxCaster, you can get a quick estimate of what you may owe the IRS this year, or what the IRS may owe you. It’s a great way to know what to expect before you actually start doing your taxes. Remember the deadline is April 15th.

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1Tax Return Status by TaxACT

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Check out the return status of your tax return with this app by TaxACT. It allows you to track when your check might be on its way. Which many of us hope, is sooner rather than later.



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With IRS2Go, you can get free tax return tips, as well as check your return’s status. And make sure that the IRS did indeed get your tax return. As that’s always super important.


Income Tax Status and Calculator

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With this app, you can file your income taxes – if you’re in India. This app only works for those in India. But it allows you to track your tax return after you’ve filed, which is a pretty awesome feature to have.


Income Tax eFiling

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This is a government app that allows you to file your taxes through eFile. Which has always been a great way to file taxes, as it’s quick and easy and filed immediately. You can also track your refund through the app.


Income Tax Assistant

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This is the India Income Tax Assistant, so it’ll only work for those that are from India. This app will allow you to figure out how much you owe in taxes for the year, as well as file your taxes. Making it a one-stop shop.


H&R Block 1040EZ

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Do you file your taxes through H&R Block? Well now you don’t have to head over to one of their locations to get it done. You can do it straight through their app. Providing that you can file your taxes using the 1040EZ form. If not, you may still need to head over to one of their locations.


Liberty Tax App

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Do you file your taxes with Liberty Taxes? Then this is the app you’ll want. It finds you the closest Liberty Tax location and also will allow you to call them straight from the App. So while you can’t file your taxes through it, it’s still a pretty helpful app.