Android Epic App Battles: Google PDF Viewer vs Adobe Reader

March 6, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

There are plenty of ways to view PDF documents on your mobile device now a days, including the official Adobe Reader application. PDF documents can come in handy for personal, work, or school life and it helps to be able to view them on the go any time you need. That’s what today’s epic app battle is about. Two PDF viewing applications that both get the job done and seek to add a little extra for users. Which app is best suited for you to view PDF documents? We’ll go over a few features of each application then let you decide in the polls.

Google PDF ViewerGoogle PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer recently landed on the Play Store giving users a standalone app to view and manage PDF documents. This capability is also available in Google Drive, but now with Google PDF Viewer users can access and manage their PDF’s anytime Drive isn’t available due to a lack of internet connection.

Google PDF Viewer will let users view any PDF documents they want to store to the device, but unfortunately users can not edit PDF’s if they need to. They can however search for PDF’s, copy text from PDF’s and print PDF’s all from within the application. Google PDF Viewer is primarily meant for use with the Google For Work Program, but regular users can still download and use the app as it doesn’t require you to use it with the Google For Work Program. Google PDF Viewer is simple, easy to use and a great way to access and view PDF documents on the go.

Adobe ReaderAdobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the free and official Adobe app for reading and viewing PDF documents. The app lets you do much more than just view them though. You can use the application for quick access to open PDF documents from various sources like the web, email, and apps that have the share button, allowing you to share the PDF documents with Adobe Reader, it also lets you annotate and review PDF’s you’re working with, so you can highlight bits of text and make notes with a sticky note feature. Adobe Reader also has night mode and brightness lock for easy reading in more dimly lit areas.

Adobe reader also lets you fill out PDF forms, so you can enter text into the applicable fields by tapping on that are and typing in it, then you can sign the document, and send it back off to the person who needs it after saving it. The signatures can be placed using your finger through e-sign, and you can have other sign documents right on your touch screen if you need to have the document signed in person. of course you can also use the app to store, share, and print PDF documents, and you can also create new PDF documents, and export PDF’s out to Word or Excel if need be. Creating new PDF’s and exporting them are premium features only accessible through an IAP.

So which PDF viewer is best fit for your needs? Do you need one with simple viewing, edit, and printing options? Or do you need your PDF viewer to have a few more features like the e-sign option? Google PDF Viewer or Adobe Reader?