Xiaomi To Announce A Small And Waterproof Device On March 2nd, Action Camera Perhaps?

February 26, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Xiaomi has already released a slew of devices this year, both smartphones and other smart gadgets. This China-based smartphone OEM unveiled the mid-range Redmi 2 handset, along with their two new flagship smartphone, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Xiaomi has also showcased a couple of smart gadgets along with these smartphones. The company has huge plans for this year, and we’ll probably see them launch a bunch of new devices this year, as well as expand to other parts of the world. Previous reports were saying that the company plans to open up shop in India, and stop selling devices through retailers. Brazil was also mentioned, as several other territories. As we’re waiting for more information on that, it seems like Xiaomi is planning to announce something else at the beginning of next month, let’s see what’s what.

The company has posted two interesting teaser images on their official Weibo account. The first image contains a matchbox and says that we’ll get more information on March 2nd, while the second one also contains a matchbox, but this one is opened and has a packed luggage and a snorkel mask on the inside. Now, it is kind of obvious we’re not looking at a smartphone launch here, but rather some sort of a small smart gadget which will be waterproof, or so it seems at this point. This is just a guess at this point, but a GoPro camera competitor might be in the cards for Xiaomi. The company has already announced plenty of smart gadgets, though they still don’t have a GoPro-like device in their lineup, could this be it?

Xiaomi might throw another hint our way before they announce this thing on March 2nd, until then we can only guess what the company is trying to say here. If you have a better idea what’s this all about, feel free to throw us a comment and say what you think about all this, perhaps there’s a better explanation for this teaser. We’d love to hear from you, as always.