Track Your Jump Rope Activities With Jump Rope Wear Counter For Android

February 23, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Android Wear may still be new but more and more apps are being developed with Android Wear in mind every single day, and then there are apps that were designed specifically for Android Wear with a focus on keeping people active and providing them with useful tools to motivate them and see their daily fitness oriented activities. Enter a new app from Gooseberry Development called Jump Rope Wear Counter which aims to use the pedometer in your Android Wear smartwatch to track your number of jumps during the exercise of jumping rope.

The idea behind the app and the function for which it provides are simple things. You turn on the app via your Android Wear smartwatch after you’ve installed it on your connected device and proceed to jump rope, although let it be noted that simply jumping in place without a jump rope simulates the same activity and the app will still work just fine. After you’re done it tallies up all your jumps(this from my experience takes a minute or two for it to gather the data)and then it displays it for you right there on the watch. It seems after you exit the app on the watch the values reset back to 0, but not to worry because it appears to calculate your number of jumps per session, and exiting the app basically starts a new session. Your total is fed to the app in near real time so everything you had collected is there to stay, as you can see from the main image above which shows the number of jumps from one session, and the screenshot below from the Jump Rope Wear Counter app which shows my total values.

To build on that aspect the team at Gooseberry Development also baked in Google Fit support, so any data collected in the Jump Rope Wear Counter companion app on your phone is fed into Google Fit, which adds to your overall daily goals total in that app, whatever they may be. It even lists the activity as jumping rope so you you can make note of things in an organized fashion if you use Google Fit as your health and fitness tracking data hub. The app will set you back $0.99, which is more or less worth it if you’re an active person and actually engage in jump rope for part of your fitness and exercise, or will be engaging in it if you like the idea of the app and need to mix up your cardio. It works efficiently and accurately enough as well so there shouldn’t be any worry about whether or not it’s capturing the correct number of jumps to add into your daily fitness collective.