T-Mobile’s Legere Makes It Clear T-Mobile Happy To Work With Dish Network In Any Capacity

February 19, 2015 - Written By John Anon

T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere has never been one to shy away from making known his inner thoughts. In fact, generally speaking, Legere is typically quite vocal about what he thinks. Today seems to be no different. After T-Mobile announced their fourth quarter results, Legere went on to describe how he thinks Dish Network would be a great partner for T-Mobile. It is no secret that Dish was one of the big winners from the recent AWS-3 spectrum auction and managed to secure a whole bunch of new spectrum. It is this very spectrum that seems to have attracted Legere’s attention and belief that a partnership between Dish and T-Mobile will be mutually beneficial.

In fact, Legere, not only made it clear his (and presumably T-Mobile’s) intention to forge some sort of spectrum-based relationship between the two, but also made it clear if Dish decided not to work with T-Mobile, it would still be very much in T-Mobile’s benefit. From Legere’s point-of-view, whatever moves Dish makes in respect of their newly found Spectrum, can only further disrupt the market and effectively disrupt Verizon and AT&T’s plans. In this respect, Legere likened Dish’s new-influence, to that of Google and their attempt to become an MVNO. As such, Legere seems to be welcoming any move made by Dish, regardless of whether it directly involves T-Mobile. In Legere’s words “I see no version of what Dish is doing not being a positive for us“.

While it did come as a surprise that Dish secured so many new licences from the spectrum, is seems all bets are off as to what the company will use these spectrums for. It is again, no secret that Dish have been wanting to enter the wireless market for some time. Rewind almost two years and it was Dish who made a $25 billion bid for Sprint. Not to mention, as far back as eighteen months ago they were rumored to be making a bid for T-Mobile. Although, those bids were ultimately unsuccessful, this does highlight Dish’s interest to enter the wireless frame in some capacity. Now, in the form of their newly found spectrum stockpile, they have an even bigger bargaining chip to negotiate with. Either way, we will have to wait and see how Dish responds to Legere’s comments and more importantly, what their next move will actually be. Would you like to see Dish partner with T-Mobile? Let us know your thoughts.