Oppo R5-Inspired Outfit Was Introduced At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week In New York

February 27, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

I don’t know how many of you know this, but Fashion Week took place in New York quite recently, it actually ended on February 19th. What does this have to do with technology? Well, Oppo has attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and reached out to us with some info. Oppo’s R5 handset, which was released back in October, was kind of involved in this year’s Fashion Week. Oppo has partnered up with fashion designer Ly Qui Khanh who designed some outfits which are based on the design concept of the Oppo R5, which is actually a part of the designer’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection called “The Last Petal”.

“OPPO is dedicated to delivering an inimitable experience through meticulous design and smart technology to worldwide consumers. We care a lot about and have invested heavily in design and quality, so we are very pleased to see that Ly Qui Khanh shares similar ideals with OPPO, and has successfully built up his reputation by pursuing his ideals at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York,” said Sky Li, Vice President of Oppo and Managing Director of International Mobile Business. The designer they partnered with is actually a well-known Vietnamese designer and one of the very few designers from Asia who were invited to attend the event. He added the following: “When I first saw the OPPO R5, I was inspired by something that appears so delicate and thin, like the wings of a cicada, yet which has the robustness of steel. It reminds me of flower petals that blossom proudly in winter — soft as they appear to be, they make for a powerful symbol of transition between two seasons.”

Mr. Khanh also added that he was influenced by classical 19th century European apparels when designing this. There are a couple of images in of Khanh’s creation in the gallery down below, in case you’d like to check that out. The phone itself was the thinnest smartphone in the world for a short time, it’s 4.85mm thin and it’s been available out in the market for a while now. If you’d like to get more details about Oppo R5, click here.