New Artists’ Impression Concept Video Shows Off Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Models

February 20, 2015 - Written By David Steele

When two artists get together, sometimes the results are way better than the sum of the parts. What I’m writing about today is the result of two artists getting together to combine their thoughts to produce a series of renders and a video of what the new Samsung Galaxy S6 models might look like. The artists report that it took a long time to create the video clip, which is at the bottom of this article – and it shows! Now of course, the video is an artists’ impression of what the genuine Galaxy S6 might look like when it’s complete and as such we don’t know how close it is to the real deal. We’ve seen case manufacturers release renders of their new case designs for the Galaxy S6 with presumably their own artists’ impression of the new handset, but these images are designed to show off the case rather than the handset. This video clip, however, is designed to show off the design and materials of the Galaxy.

The video shows off a thin metal frame with rounded corners and a small lens bump from the rear camera, which we’ve seen in leaked documents and renders before. The team have also worked on an artists’ impression of what the S6 Edge might look like, which is reputed to use a flexible plastic AMOLED screen that curves over the side of the device. However, Samsung have changed the design of the Galaxy Note Edge and given the S6 Edge a less inclined slope, which ought to make it a more comfortable device to hold.

If the Galaxy S6 is built from a single piece of aluminum, or an exotic material, this will likely mean that the device won’t have a replaceable battery. Samsung themselves have suggested that the S6 will have wireless charging onboard so perhaps this is a compensation feature because there isn’t a replaceable battery? Or perhaps Samsung will incorporate a replaceable battery similar to a number of HTC models from 2011 (such as the Desire S) where there’s a replaceable end cap and the battery may be slid into and out of the device from here?

Samsung are unveiling the new Galaxy S6 on the 1 March so we don’t have long to wait until it’s official. Meanwhile, check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.