Neptune Introduces The Neptune Duo, A Smartwatch And Second Screen Combo Device

February 17, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

It seems just about everyone is trying to jump into the world of smartwatches and smart peripheral accessories we can use alongside our smartphones. Some companies like Samsung, LG, ASUS, Sony, Motorola, and others are creating actual watches with smart functionality to enhance the capabilities of our smartphones. Neptune on the other hand is in the business of creating a smartwatch which can be used without the need for having a connected smartphone to feed it the data, and their sophomore device, called the Neptune Duo, expands a little on this idea by giving you a device you can pair with the smartwatch that allows you the capability to use the Neptune Duo ‘Hub'(the piece you wear on your wrist)functions on a larger display.

The Neptune Duo Hub is the smartwatch part of the device which you can wear. It holds a SIM card inside so you can connect to a network and receive and send calls and messages, gobble up news and other media, keep connected to social media, check the weather, track your daily activities and more. The Pocket Screen, which makes up the Duo part of this combo serves as a larger screen interface for you to interact with the features and functions of the Neptune Duo Hub, but doesn’t have the capability to do much of the actual “smart” features without it. It’s essentially the exact opposite of what your smartphone and a smartwatch like the Moto 360 would do, where you would use the smartwatch interface to interact with certain functions of your smartphone, but without the smartphone connection it doesn’t really do much for you.

While it seems a little absurd as to why anyone would want to keep a 5-inch display device in their pocket that really has no smart features at all when used alone instead of their smartphone that would cut out the need for the Duo setup at all, the Neptune Duo has a niche it seems to be aiming for, which is to give users a little bit of security with their personal data. The pocket screen actually holds none of your personal information so losing it as they say doesn’t have to worry you. Everything is kept on the hub which you’re wearing on your wrist, whereas if you lose your smartphone, all of your data is housed on it and then you have to take measures to ensure your personal information isn’t misused. Since the pocket screen also only serves as an interface, if you lose it you have the capability to connect to and interact with your content via another pocket screen from any other Neptune Duo user. So if your friends or family have one, you can simply borrow theirs.

The pocket screen does more than just serve as a second screen interface for the smaller screen Hub of the Neptune Duo. It can also be used as a battery pack for the Hub so you can keep it powered up and running all day and all night. The Hub itself has a battery capacity of 1,000mAh, which is quite a bit more than most other smartwatches, and the pocket screen carries a battery capacity of an additional 2,800mAh so there’s plenty to disperse between the two devices if need be. The Hub is also powered by a quad-core processor, and it houses support for 3G/4G networks, Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC.

The Neptune Duo runs on Android Lollipop, so the software is up to date and the Hub has access to all your favorite apps like Snapchat, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Box, Messenger, Skype, Instagram and much more, making the pocket screen feel like you’re using a smartphone. The Neptune Duo will cost consumers a $798 when it launches and you can reserve your purchase for free and payment is taken once the device ships. If you opt to pledge and put $199 down now, you end up saving $200 and only pay $399 once the device ships. There are also two other pledge tiers, one where you pay $49 now and save $100 at shipment, and the top tier where you can pay $498 now and save $300 at shipment. You can check out more details at the actual Neptune Duo site located in the source below.