IKEA Have Strangely Released An IKEA Themed Emoji App With All Your Favorite IKEA Images

February 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

There are many things you might need to head down to IKEA for. After all, they are the place that offers a quick-fix do-it-yourself solution to just about everything you need. Not to mention you can grab a quick bite to eat while you are there too. In fact, it seems it is much harder to get out of an IKEA than just about anywhere else on earth. Well, the other day while in an IKEA, the thought did come that there is was one thing IKEA does not offer…emoji. Oh wait, they do apparently.

It seems a few days ago, a new IKEA app popped up on the Play Store. Now instead of this one being another way to get you to buy a flat packed hamster cage, this one is full of emoji. At first glance, you might be thinking what are IKEA doing making an emoji app and you are probably right. That said, it is real and you can download it right now from the Play Store. In terms of what it does, well, as this is an IKEA emoji app, it is not quite as straightforward as you might get from other emoji apps. This one is designed to IKEA up your messages and communications. As such, it contains a number of items you might find in their stores. Need to tell someone about a table, no problem, there is a table emoji. Been aching for a tableside lamp emoji, no problem, you now have one.

There is one issue with the app though and that is that it does not work natively with any messenger service on the device. Instead, to insert one of the emoji you have to open the app, move to the emoji you want and click on it. At which point the ‘Share’ link will pop up, asking you which of the various messenger platforms (messages, Hangouts, Gmail etc) you want to use, The emoji will then appear in the selected app and you can carry on your message. Kinda backwards to how you might insert a normal emoji. IKEA right! Either way, if you desperately need an image of a women’s boot, an ironing board, a three piece filing cabinet or even meatballs, it looks like IKEA has you covered. Head over to the Play Store listing to give the app a try and check out the video and images below for a better understanding of what to expect. Make sure to let us know what you think.