Google Play Offering Up loads of Movies for just $4.99

February 21, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Right now, Google Play has a ton of movies on sale in it’s latest promotion which puts them at $4.99. Now one of the things to watch out for here is that some of the prices (usually of the $2.99 variety for Anchorman) is the rental price and not to buy it. While the price to buy it is still $4.99. So just keep that in mind. Google Play has a lot of good movies on sale right now including The Expendables 3, Noah, Anchorman, Star Trek, Inception, 300, The Amazing Spider-man, and plenty of others. There appears to be about 32 movies on sale right now for just $4.99. Which is definitely a nice sale from Google Play.

Something else to keep in mind here is that these prices are for the high-definition version and not the standard-definition. So you’ll be getting the HD version of these movies if you buy them. Great sale from Google here and we have no idea how long, exactly, this deal will last. Likely through the weekend, so you’ll want to grab some of these movies now, if you really want them.

If you’re in the Northeast and prepping for the hundredth snow storm (yes I’m exaggerating a bit, but Boston, Connecticut and other parts of New England have gotten hammered this month), this is probably something you should check out, so you can stay warm and watch some movies. Especially if the power goes out, which is bound to happen and has happened before.

If you are planning on picking up some of these movies, be sure to let us know which ones you pick up in the comments down below.