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Featured: Top 10 Weather Apps For Android

February 19, 2015 - Written By John Anon

One of the most popular app categories out there must be weather-based apps. Not only do we all need to know the weather where we are, but there seems to be an almost endless number of weather app options available. Well, whether you are planning a BBQ, need to make sure you don’t need an umbrella or simply just interested in getting a heads-up on your local weather, here are ten weather-based apps worth checking out.


Starting off today’s list will be a company many users already now. AccuWeather are known for producing great weather apps and features and this is their staple offering, providing a whole host of weather-related information. Weather information can be viewed as daily, hourly or even minute-by-minute forecasts, not to mention the app includes weather videos and live news updates. It’s also worth pointing out AccuWeather already offers support for Android Wear. Need an all-in-one solution? Then this might be the app for you.

The Weather Channel

Weather ChannelThis app is another offering brought to you by one of the big hitters of the weather world, the Weather Channel. With this being the official app for the Weather Channel, you can expect a really polished offering. Likewise, you can expect all of the main features you would want with a weather app including daily and hourly forecasts as well as 36 hour and weekly forecasts too. The Weather Channel app also includes a neat social elements which allows local users to submit their weather conditions which are incorporated into the main forecasts to provide even more locally relevant content. Not to mention this app comes with some nice wallpapers to match the current weather conditions.


Yahoo Weather

Yahoo - EditedNext up today is Yahoo Weather and this is again another very polished offering. Yahoo Weather is a very clean weather app and one of the more attractive offerings out there. This app offers all your typical hourly, daily and monthly forecasts while also coming with some very clever imagery and an excellent UI beneath it. This whole app is controlled by swiping with a swipe up for more detailed info and swipe right for favorited locations. The images are set to match the weather you are currently experienced and are all submitted by the user base.


WeatherBugWeatherBug is not from an as well-known company as the previous ones so far have been, but that should not be a reason to not give this one a try. WeatherBug is an excellent weather app providing all the latest information and in a much more condensed way. As such, it is much easier to get more information without having to change screens with this app. Not to mention, if you live somewhere where you often suffer from lightning you might want to give this a try. The developers claim to have the fastest and more accurate lightning detection software on the market, giving you as much warning as possible.


MyRadar Weather Radar

RadarMyRadar is certainly not as attractive as the other apps on this list but is certainly as effective. In fact, some might prefer the general layout and style of MyRadar, as it actually shows you the real-time movement of weather patterns in your locality. If rain is coming, then you can physically see it coming, see how far away it is and how long you might have until it arrives. Great app for those who want a much more detailed overview of their weather forecasts.


Weather Kitty

KittyFor those out there that simply love cats and kittens then this is the app for you. This is a serious weather app and as such will show you the current and accurate weather information for your area. That said, this one does obviously have a heavy cat focus and it does not get much cuter. The animated cats will respond to your weather conditions and as such will be happy when it is sunny and hiding in a box when the weather turns bad. Great for cat lovers or anyone who wants a smile when checking the weather, regardless of the weather.


weatherIf all the apps so far are starting to feel too complex, too novelty or too much and you would just much prefer a simple and straightforward app, then Weather might be for you. Just like the name, this app gets straight to the point and provides a very easy and simple weather forecasting option. Open the app, check the weather and close again. The other added benefit to this app is that it is extremely lightweight compared to some of the other offerings.

Arcus Weather

ArcusWhile some of the other apps focus much more on the visual element of weather forecasting, this app looks to provide more comprehensive information and is much more data driven. As such this app will provide you with all the relevant weather data but will also provide extremely specific information. For instance, it will tell you exactly when it is expected to rain and probably more importantly, how long it is expected to rain for.


Weather bombIf data is your thing, then you might also want to check out Weather Bomb. This app effectively tries to overload you with weather information so that you have as much info as you can possibly can on one screen. In short a big weather bomb on your display. As well as standard forecasts, the display also provides mapping for visual weather referencing as well as graphs to show you any changes that might be happening or about to happen.


Radar nowClosing out the list today is RadarNow, and as the name suggests this is another one of those apps which prefers the radar view than an animated or image based app. As such, this one again will offer you a visual reference of the current weather cycles and what to expect. Like Some of the other radar apps, this one will use color to denote severity of the weather and will also provide you with hourly forecasting as well as daily and seven-day forecasts.