Ericsson Accuses Xiaomi Of Breaking The Injunction Rules In India, Xiaomi Blames A Reseller

February 6, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

I believe you all remember the Xiaomi injunction in December in India when Ericsson decided to sue the company. Xiaomi allegedly infringed on 8 of Ericsson’s patents and was unwilling to discuss that with the company. Ericsson said that they contacted Xiaomi on several occasions but that this Chinese smartphone manufacturer didn’t respond to their calls, so they were forced to take legal action against Xiaomi. The China-based smartphone OEM was allowed to sell all their devices in India until January 8, and were forbidden to sell all MediaTek-powered handsets after said date.

Now Ericsson accuses Xiaomi that they continued selling their (MediaTek-powered) handsets even after January 8, which is clear law violation in this case. Xiaomi denied such allegations and blamed for any sales after January 8, an unauthorized third-party reseller. The China-based OEM also added that they stopped selling all their MediaTek-powered devices in India after January 8 through Flipkart, the only authorized Xiaomi seller in that Asian country. The only Xiaomi-branded devices which are currently available in India are the Mi4 and Redmi Note 4G, only the Snapdragon-powered models, while the Redmi 1S which is powered by MediaTek’s chip, isn’t listed.

XiaomiShop is not the only unauthorized reseller of Xiaomi products though, there are many other resellers which are doing the same thing and ship their products all over the world, but the company cannot be held accountable for something like that. Xiaomi also said that that they intend to take legal action against XiaomiShop. We’ll know more about this whole case on March 18 it seems, the people in charge of this case are drafting a report which they’ll present to the court on said date, when this saga is about to continue. Xiaomi plans to officially open up shop in India in Q2 or Q3 this year, at least according to the latest report, and they’ll want to resolve any patent issues before then, otherwise they’ll have huge issues / financial losses to face in the future. We’ll be on the lookout for any additional information regarding this case and will report back if / when we hear something new about it.