Acer’s Chromebook 15 Reported To Be Available First Week Of April

February 27, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Chromebooks have been big business over the last year or two. As well as demand continually escalating, the number of manufacturers who have decided to bring their own variant to the table has also escalated. It is not surprising how successful they are becoming, as they offer a decent return for your investment. They are cheap at the point of sale and as long as you can overlook the minor issues like limited offline use, then they are certainly viable options compared to more traditional desktops and laptops. That said, one other issue is that you cannot readily buy a larger screen Chromebook. While the tech inside increases and more users see value in the media purpose of a Chromebook, the need for a larger screen becomes more apparent.

However, it does seem that the tide on smaller screen sizes being the only option is changing. At the start of this year at CES in Las Vegas, Acer unveiled a 15 inch Chromebook option. Aptly titled ‘Chromebook 15’, the device comes with a 15.6 inch display with a 1080p resolution. Inside the Chromebook 15 comes in two different variants. The first comes equipped with 4GB RAM and powered by an Intel Core i3 processor along with 32GB internal storage. The second variant comes with the same processor but is limited in both memory and internal storage, 2GB RAM and 16GB respectively. In terms of pricing, the unit will be available starting from $249.99 for the 2GB RAM version.

In terms of when, this is less clear. It was expected that after a CES unveiling, the unit would have already been made available. Although, that is yet to be the case. However, the latest information suggests the Chromebook 15 is now expected to be released in the first week of April. This has not come by way of an official confirmation and as such could change as April draws nearer but was reported by GigaOM (source link below) as confirmed to them by the company. Are you interested in a larger Chromebook display? Happy with smaller Chromebooks which are easier to carry and take with you? Let us know what you think