Top Android Homescreen January 30th: Music Home

January 30, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s Friday, that means the end of the work week and another new homescreen for you. For those who may not be aware, every week we sift through tons of homescreen designs that we find on mycolorscreen, and we pick the best homescreen setup for that week and present it to you all so you can share in the awesome design and even set it up on your own device if you like. This week’s pick is called Music Home and definitely caters a little more to the music lover. It’s still a slick looking homescreen setup though so even if you only occasionally listen to your favorite tunes on your handset, this is a great design to jump start your customization.

We’ll gloss over the stuff you need to get this homescreen going, then give you the basics of how to set it up, so without further ado, here’s what you need. First things first, you’ll need to make sure you have the apps and files in place for what you need to complete this look. The first thing you’ll want to grab is a third party home launcher like Nova Prime, this will allow you the customization tweaks. You’ll also need Zooper Pro, and this takes care of the widgets which make up this design. You’ll also need Media Utilities and Music VU for the capability to manage the music from the widgets, and lastly you need the widget files themselves. You can grab all of the apps from the Play Store, and the widget files you can grab from the design’s creator who has a link posted on the mycolorscreen page(source)on where to grab the zooper files.

Once you have everything installed and downloaded you can start to configure the setup. Begin by setting your homescreen grid to  6 x 6, and make sure to hide the app dock, the navigation bar, and the status bar. All of this can be done from inside of the Nova settings. This is also only one homescreen page so if you have extras remove them. Now long press on the home screen, select add widget, then select Zooper and the most appropriate widget scale, scroll to find the Music Home file and place it on the homescreen and resize if needed. Repeat this step for the second widget. There are no descriptions on what steps you need to take for Media Utilities and Music VU on the homescreen design page, so we suggest looking up really quick how to work with those apps. If you like this homescreen design, be sure to head to the mycolorscreen page for this design and zoom the image, and also hit the love button to show a little appreciation for the hard work to create it. That’s it! Have a great weekend and happy themeing!