HTC RE To Get App Update to Support Live Streaming to YouTube

January 8, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Back in October, HTC announced the HTC RE camera alongside the HTC Desire EYE. It was something a bit different coming from HTC. It’s basically a GoPro, but a bit cheaper, and a bit cooler design. Obviously it’s not as rugged as a GoPro is though. We haven’t seen a ton of updates about the HTC RE since it was released late last year, but this update is pretty interesting. HTC is updating the RE Camera app to support live streaming to YouTube. So you are able to stream your entire adventure onto YouTube. Which is pretty cool actually. According to HTC:

“The live streaming feature is a simple-to-use and handy add-on to get the most out of video capture, making it easy to broadcast a piano recital, snorkeling adventure, puppy cam and more. With the RE app, sign in to your YouTube channel and activate live streaming. Once verified, broadcasting from your RE is a snap. Any live footage you wish to share is transmitted directly from RE to your smartphone, which then sends your broadcast to your YouTube channel. Invite people to view the event by sending your broadcast link to tune in via SMS or social networks. Even if they can’t watch it live, the link will continue to be active, even after the broadcast ends.”

This update will be coming on January 9th, on the Google Play Store. For those with an iPhone it’ll be available in Q1. Likely needs to be approved by Apple first before it can go live. The RE Camera is still available at Best Buy, Amazon, and many other retailers for $199 for those interested in picking one up. The RE Camera is also waterproof, which is great for using it out in the snow or even the rain.

How many of you are excited for this update to the HTC RE? Let us know in the comments below.