Cyanogen Confirm Android 5.0 Lollipop For The OnePlus One Has Now Entered Q/A Stage

January 31, 2015 - Written By John Anon

February is right around the corner and that means it is Lollipop time. Android 5.0 might be a few months old by now, but in terms of when it is supposed to land for most non-privileged devices (basically non-Nexus and non GPe) then now is the time. Nearly all OEMs announced a ninety-day window and those that did not officially announced a similar window, will still be trying to make sure Lollipop rolls out around the same time.

Well, if you are a OnePlus One owner then you are probably wondering when (and actually from whom) your lollipop update is coming. After all the debacle with Cyanogen and OnePlus over the Indian issue, not to mention the fact that OnePlus have now announced the launch of their OxygenOS ROM, it seems confusing as to where Lollipop for the One will come from. That said, the confusion is only misdirection. Cyanogen announced some time ago that they will be proving the Global versions of the One with CM12 (Lollipop) and so if you are after Cyanogen CM12 then don’t worry, it is en route.

In fact, the news today is that it is much closer to being released then you might expect. Cyanogen have announced (within the last hour) on their official twitter account (source link below) that Lollipop for the OnePlus One has now entered its QA/QE (Quality Assurance and Enhancement) stage prior to release. So it is not here yet, but once the relative quality checks are made and the third party testing conducted then we should start to hear about the OTA. Of course, at present there is no news on when that OTA might roll out but if you were wondering about CM12 then at least you know that the final and official build is edging closer. There were no further details noted on the tweet, although in the comments section Cyanogen did note that Privacy Guard was definitely included in the final build. They also did note that the Changelog will be released soon, although it is “massive” apparently. OnePlus One owner? Happy CM12 has now reached the next stage in testing for the One? Or are you now more interested in trying OxygenOS? Let us know.