Android Game Of The Week: Umi

January 30, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s rare sometimes that you find games like Umi, which is this week’s pick for game of the week. Umi is an epic endless runner set in a post apocalyptic world where you must vanquish your foes as a brave little seagull brandishing an icy blue sword. The game is side scrolling so it kind of has the feel of being a mesh between an endless runner and a platformer. As you help Umi defend his family from the dangers inside the game, you’ll routinely come across various enemies which you can slash with your sword or blast with your dual hand guns.

You start out with the sword only, but as you progress through the game you’ll occasionally come across a treasure chest hanging from a floating balloon. Cutting down the balloon will drop the chest which you can then pick up, and inside you’ll find possible items like the guns, extra HP and other items. Since gameplay is infinite here, you can continue playing basically until you get bored. Which hasn’t happened for me yet personally. The ever present goal of raising your high score for getting further and further in the game keeps things fairly interesting and gives it some replay value.

Umi is also filled with neat, hand drawn environments that switch as you play. The further you get the more environments you pass through so you get to experience different immersive worlds that add an element of variety. There also seems to be various other weapon types that Umi can pick up like a heavy machine gun, a bladed star and likely others. You’ll also be trying to collect resources as you go which can help to up your life or your score. Umi is not only fun and addictive but the controls are easy too, making it simple to play with just four buttons that control your forward and backward directional movement, your jump, and your attacks. The controls also seem rather on point which is nice to see. If you enjoy runners and platformers with a little bit of infused action, give Umi a shot as it’s definitely worth the $1.