Xiaomi Laptop Listing Is Fake After All

December 31, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Many tech sites, including us, wrote about a Xiaomi-made laptop the other day. A rather interesting leak popped up online showing a really beastly tablet with Xiaomi’s logo on it claiming to be manufactured by that China-based company. That’s not all though, a listing popped up on banggood.com as well, offering this tablet for pre-order. No matter how unrealistic this seemed, there was some hope it’s real and that Xiaomi will announce it in the coming weeks / months. Well, that won’t happen.

Xiaomi’s spokesperson gave a statement to The Verge saying that this is not real. This was to be expected actually, though I didn’t expect Xiaomi to reach out and deny this so quickly though, but there you have it. It sounded way too good to be true anyhow, Intel’s i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and an aluminum build for an incredibly affordable price, yeah… this was to be expected. Either way, Xiaomi spokesperson didn’t exactly deny that the company will release a laptop in the future, so there’s still hope we’ll see something well built and affordable coming from this OEM in the future.

Unfortunately for Xiaomi, they’ve gained a rather bad reputation with international consumers. Many people consider Xiaomi an Apple copycat, which is of course not good for this company, it makes them look really bad. Xiaomi is definitely Apple-inspired, but they make really solid devices, like some other Chinese OEMs. Changing people’s mindset is a difficult thing to do, we’ll see how will Xiaomi fare once they reach other markets and finally leave Asia. They’ll have to face numerous obstacles on their way to global fame and it will be interesting to see how will they cope with everything.

Are you disappointed the Xiaomi laptop isn’t real? Many of you probably expected that thing to be fake, which is understandable, but that was a really powerful machine on paper and it would certainly be interesting to see Xiaomi launch something like that in the future. Do you think Xiaomi will be able to strive in other markets, or do you think the company has reached its peak in China?