Third Party Twitter App ‘Falcon Pro’ To Be Rebuilt From The Ground Up With Material Design

December 26, 2014 - Written By John Anon

For the android users who follow the news actively and use Twitter, you probably remember an app which went by the name ‘Falcon Pro’. This was a Twitter based app created by Joaquim Verges and designed as a third party Twitter client. In fact, Falcon Pro pretty quickly became one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients out there. That was of course, until last year when suddenly Twitter waged war on all third-party apps. In short, Twitter limited the number of access points a third party app could have. This meant when Falcon Pro hit that limit (as it often did) it could not access the feed anymore. The app was eventually no longer offered as a Play Store product and instead had to be downloaded as a beta product direct from the developer.

Following on from Falcon Pro, Verges back in September of 2013 also released a new app which a lot of you will know, Flynn. This was again, another Twitter app although focused heavily on pulling relevant news feeds from Twitter (and Feedly) and pushing them directly to your device. Well, most users will know that Flynn is still available from the Play Store. However, if you were hoping for Falcon Pro to make a dedicated return then you just might be in luck.

It seems on Christmas Eve, Verges had a small token present for all the Falcon Pro fans. The developer announced via his Twitter account (source link below) that he intends on working on a new version of Falcon Pro. It is also worth noting that Verges claimed this will be built from the ground up as a fresh new project. Shortly after the original announcement tweet, Verges sent out another tweet stating that the new Falcon Pro will adopt “his’ take on Material Design. At present, there are no firm details on what the new version will look like or even what ‘his version of Material Design’ means. That said, it is worth noting that according to the original tweet he is doing this for the “lulz” and as such he could change his mind at any time. However, the news (at least for now) is that we might be seeing a new version of Falcon Pro sometime in 2015. Are you a Falcon Pro fan? Happy there might be a new version sometime soon?