Sideload The Android 5.0 Update OTA For Your Android Wear Device

December 14, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

The latest Android Wear update has yet to hit most devices but that probably isn’t stopping you from checking every few minutes if it’s come through to your watch. If you own a Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3, LG G Watch, or ASUS Zen Watch, the updates are probably due any day now, but if you aren’t the patient waiting type you can take matters into your own hands and sideload the OTA update to your device right this very moment short of the Zen Watch which the OTA file hasn’t popped up for yet. Flashing requires you to have ADB installed on your computer, and you should probably have a general knowledge of using the ADB interface and process before you attempt trying to flash this software to your Android Wear device.

If you fall into that category we have the OTA files for you listed below, all categorized by device type so you can grab the correct file of course. In addition to the ADB you’ll need the Google drivers on your computer too, which can be grabbed from the Android SDK on The update will bring in all kinds of useful goodness, like support for custom watchfaces, easier card interaction with the capability to bring back cards you have accidentally swiped away and the ability to see which apps are using your battery the most. If you want to get the update now, hit the link for your appropriate device below to grab the download files direct from the Google servers.

Moto 360 – 4.4W.2 -> 5.0.1: metallica LWX48P from KNX01S , Updated

Sony Smartwatch 3 – 4.4W.2 -> 5.0.1: tetra LWX84P from KNX01V

LG G Watch – 4.4W.2 -> 5.0.1: platina LWX48P from KNX01Q

Samsung Gear Live – 4.4W.2 -> 5.0.1: sprat LWX84P from KNX01Q

ASUS Zen Watch – LWX48S 5.0.1 anthias from KNX01W 4.4W.2

LG G Watch R – 4.4W.2 -> 5.0.1: lenok LWX84P from KNX01R