Samsung’s TouchWiz Themes – More Details Revealed

December 4, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Despite the fact Samsung is having some problems keeping its market share and their profit is dropping constantly, this company is still the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world and they juggle a ton of stuff at once. Aside from releasing new handsets and dealing with a ton of R&D stuff, the company seems to be working on introducing new software features to its TouchWiz Android skin. We reported last month that Samsung is about to offer themes as part of TouchWiz, you’ll basically be able to make your device look completely different, which might help certain people get rid of that TouchWiz look which has become so stale. That still doesn’t solve the bloat problem that Samsung has had for a while now, but I hope this Korean giant will take care of that as well in the near future. Anyhow, last month several images leaked showing off Samsung’s themes in action, and now we have some new screenshots to share with you along with more details about themes themselves and how will they function, courtesy of GSMArena.

These themes will be provided on devices like the Galaxy A3 and A5, though we still don’t have the specific information regarding the rollout, we still don’t know will some additional devices get this option. GSMArena has previewed the Galaxy A3 and have explained more details about the upcoming themes for TouchWiz. Samsung has provided five themes with the Galaxy A3: Basic, Natural, Craft, Classic and Sweet. According to the source, themes on TouchWiz would only change the default wallpaper, system icons and system colors, though they don’t affect the notification area nor non-system apps. So, this basically means you won’t be able to change everything you’d probably like, but at least certain parts of TouchWiz will be customizable, that’s better than nothing, right? Either way we spin this, it’s a good thing, at least in my humble opinion. This is a step forward, perhaps Samsung plans to make it possible to change other aspects of the OS in the future as well, which would be great of course. Anyhow, your thoughts?