Ginger Keyboard Extends Language Support For Spanish, French, And Dutch And Adds Holiday Themes

December 24, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Free third party keyboard app Ginger Keyboard has just updated their app today to include new language support of three new languages, with an announcement that support for more languages are on the way in future updates over the next few months. The newly added languages as of today are Spanish, French, and Dutch, expanding Ginger Keyboard’s global compatibility. This also expands Ginger keyboard’s compatibility to five total languages for access to the full set of writing features that Ginger keyboard offers, as today’s three new languages join English and Italian. When it comes to text input alone, Ginger keyboard all told supports 65 languages making it just as versatile as some of the top keyboard apps out there.

For users who write in either Spanish, French, or Dutch, they now have access to Ginger keyboard’s adaptive word prediction, and the swipe texting capability that Ginger offers called Stream, in addition to a few other awesome features like emoji, autocorrect, and live-as-you-type proofreading to help ensure typing accuracy and speed. In addition to adding new languages to the full support list of all their typing tools, Ginger keyboard has also been hard at work designing new holiday themes to help celebrate the season.

The new Winter, and the new Christmas themes can be found within Ginger Keyboard and can be accessed within the settings under the themes menu. If you never really cared about customizing your stuff with holiday designs, Ginger keyboard has other themes available too and they even let users create their own themes from scratch which can then be shared with friends. While the three new languages that are supported are certainly a few great additions, one of Ginger’s most notable features is the proofreader, which identifies contextual spelling and grammar errors, is capable of rephrasing, contextual synonyms, definitions, translations and it carries a text reader through its one-tap access to the Ginger Page writing app. Ginger Keyboard is free, and can be downloaded from the Play Store link below if you’re wanting to give it a try. There are many different options for third party keyboards if you’re not happy with the stock option that came on your phone, and free is always good for a replacement.