Featured: Top 10 Weightlifting Apps for Android

December 4, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Do you even lift, bro? Whether you’re a serious gym rat, or just starting out with a set of weights at home and need a little guidance, our Top 10 Weightlifting Apps for Android should have something for you.

Redy Gym Log


Redy Gym Log is an Android app for those of you that are rarely out of the gym, as it’s geared up to track all of your workouts and sessions. You have to input things manually, but Redy Gym Log has a number of shortcuts to help you out and after a few weeks of use, you should have a decent record to look at and see where you should head next.



Runtastic Timer


Chances are if you’re starting out at home on your own, you’ll be following workouts found online, or through another app. A lot of the time, you’ll need timings for these, either that or you just want to see how quickly you can do a set or such, and then build on that. Runtastic Timer is a quality app that is far beyond a simple stopwatch. It’s built for workouts and if you’re familiar with their other apps, you’ll love this simple, yet helpful application.



StrongLifts 5×5 Workout


StrongLifts is an app designed to help you build strength, it revolves around three exercises, three times a week and they’re 45 minutes each. An easy way to build up strength in the comfort of your own home, StrongLifts can help you get started on building a better body for yourself.



Official IWF Weightlifting App


The simple title in the Play Store of “weightlifting” doesn’t quite do the International Weightlifting Federation’s app for Android must justice, but it is pretty basic. Designed pretty much to just give you your Sinclair points and a rough ranking, this is definitely something for keen body builders.


PumpUp — Fitness Community


Let’s paint the scenario for you; you spend months and months getting in shape, you really enjoy doing it and yet your friends couldn’t be interested in the slightest. Naturally, you want to share your success and connect with others about your hobby. PumpUp is a community on Android built for sharing your successes as well as connecting with others about your new hobby.


Perfect Body Building Plan


A great option for those that might have fallen out of shape over the Holidays, or just got fed up with their old Gym, Perfect Body Building Plan can help you with definitive workouts to help you get those muscles back. It’s full of workouts with detailed steps to help make sure you’re doing things as you should be.



GymTraining is another app designed to help people share their success and connect with others. This seems to be more about transformations and how much you’ve changed over time. A great motivational tool, these sort of networks can help you realize what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it and out in the time. A free app, this seems to have a massive following and can be the big push that you were after.


Fitness – Home & Gym Workouts


Virtuagym’s Android app is great for either at the gym or back at home, thanks to the variety of workouts on offer, and the ability to choose different material for your workouts. It’s packed full of information and if you were looking for guidance, this will help.

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1Total Fitness – Gym Workouts


Total Fitness features videos, notes and muscle highlighting on all the exercises it includes within it. Making it a perfect companion for the gym or to brush up on your knowledge outside of the gym so you know what you’re talking about upon your next visit. An excellent reference piece, Total Fitness is free and can be genuinely helpful.



BodyBuilding & Fitness



With a plan to help you build the body that you’ve been looking for, BodyBuilding & Fitness is something worth looking at, as it features a lot of what those new to the bodybuilding arena need to know, and it can help build you up gradually, as well. Great for those looking to make a longterm change, this is a good guide to get you started.