Google’s Device Assist App Not Always Providing Useful Advice

December 3, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Google are always problem-solving. Yesterday was a prime example of this when they released an update to their newest operating system, Android 5.0 (Lollipop). In spite of Lollipop only being a few weeks old it seems the main bulk of the new update was fixes to issues with the operating system. Although, no one likes to see issues with devices and systems, these are a common problem. We all experience issues with our devices for a number of reasons. To try and aid these more mundane problems Google this morning released their new Device Assist app.

As we reported earlier, this app is designed to provide users with ways to improve their system like turning up the brightness, other power saving options and so on. It also can provide details on more serious issues a user experiences. That said, it seems one of the pieces of advice the app offers is rather interesting. Some users are noting that the app sometimes suggests to ‘reboot your device’. Now this is not exactly rocket science and most of us usually hit reboot, to fix problems when we first experience them. As such, how useful an app is that advises you to reboot is debatable. What is even more interesting as Android Police point out (source link below) is that there is no reboot power option on stock android. This would be almost ironic if it was not a serious enough issue.

The reboot option seems to vary from user to user as well. Therefore, not everyone with the same problem will get the same advice result which is slightly worrying. Although it is good to see Google rolling out apps that can help users fix issues, it is expected that the app does actually offer some valid advice. Rebooting is not necessarily needed advice. Have you downloaded the app yet? Have you noticed the reboot function in spite of an active way to reboot on stock android? If your Device Assist apps starts giving you this warning, then my advice would be ‘try a reboot’. Maybe that will fix the app and you will get some better advice next time it loads.