AH Awards 2014: Best Android Customization App of the Year

December 17, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

One of the main reasons people enjoy Android so much is the ability to customize things to how you like them. You can do this on a number of different levels; you can replace your launcher, change your icon pack or change your loskcreens. There are some apps however, that aim to do it all for you, or at least offer you some guidance. Few apps change the way your device looks and acts like our picks for the Best Customization App of the Year.

Runner Up – Yahoo! Aviate

Yahoo Aviate


While many apps change how your wallpaper looks, the icons you use and more, none of them really change the way you actually use your smartphone. Aviate however, does that with aplomb. Now owned by Yahoo! (unfortunate obligatory branding and everything), Aviate is one of the few Android apps that customizes your use experience, rather than how your phone looks. It’s contextual, helpful and pretty sharp, too. If you’re looking for a fresh experience without buying a new phone, Aviate is worth looking at.

Winner – Themer



So, you like treating your Android phone like a blank canvas? Changing things every day? Well, if that’s the case then Theme is without doubt your best option. At times, Themer can be a little complicated, but the wholesale change it can introduce to to your homescreen is difficult to match. You can go from having a colorful, busy theme one day to having a more minimal, monochrome theme the next. For those that care about their homescreens, Themer is the app can bring new life to your smartphone as well as help you find something that reflects your personality with minimal effort on your part.

Honorable Mention – nowPaper


When Google launched Google Now, they did so with a new sort of design for the backgroudn images, and while that’s clearly fed into Material Design as a whole, people loved those Google Now images. nowPaper puts this sort of style on to your homescreens and gives everything a classy, yet colorful feel that changes as the day goes by.