Twitter Brings Merchant Deals Straight To Your Feeds So You can Shop While You Tweet

November 25, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Recently Twitter talked about some changes they would be making to their website and application at their annual Analyst Day, bringing in new features and some of the tweaks they would be making with Google search results to try and get a higher SAO ranking, while also cooking up some new ideas for new applications down the line as well. One of the newly added features they mentioned which was just baked into the social network not too long ago was re-tweeting original tweets in a private direct message. Their latest Twitter feature sees merchant deals popping up right inside your Twitter timeline so you can shop while you tweet, or rather scroll through tweets from others.

This is just one new way for them to re-engage users and seek new streams of revenue, and it might not be such a bad idea. If users that are constantly flowing through their Twitter feeds also like to shop online then Twitter can kill two birds with one stone and keep users on the site or in the application, re-engaging their users for longer periods of time. The feature is called Twitter Offers, and lets merchants embed deals for products and services right into Twitter cards just like a tweet. Users who purchase things through Twitter offers also have no need to switch out of the app to make the buy, everything is handled within Twitter and offers are tied to your credit or debit card.

It’s important to note that when users grab an offer from the ‘Twitter Offers’ that show up in their feed, the offer is saved to their card and then purchases placed at the store in real-time apply the offer at the point of sale. Savings then show up on the their card statements as a cash back deal. While users can’t place orders for stuff right in the timeline, the savings still apply when they buy stuff at the places they normally shop locally so things are still easy. Twitter also states that ‘Offers’ is only available in the U.S. at the moment but at some point it may branch out and expand to other regions. We imagine this might depend on how well offers is received by users here in the states.