Trade In Your Old Tablet And Best Buy Will Knock Minimum $100 Off The Purchase Price Of A Nexus 9

November 24, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

The Google Nexus 9 tablet is one of the popular choices for tablets this year, competing up against the likes of the iPad Air 2 and Samsung’s line up of Galaxy Pro tablets, and others like the Nvidia Shield Tablet. With the Nexus 9 being the first tablet designed for Android 5.0 Lollipop, there will surely be a ton of people looking to get their hands on one. One of the questions you’d have to ask yourself though is whether or not you’d be keeping the tablet you already own(if you have one currently)or if you’d be getting rid of it to swap out for the Nexus 9.

For those who are interested in the Nexus 9 but don’t have the need for a second tablet, Best Buy is offering a cool little deal where they’re willing to give customers a minimum $100 off of a working tablet when you trade it in during the purchase of a Nexus 9 in their store. That means you could potentially get half or more than half of the price off when you buy the Nexus 9 depending on the tablet that you trade in. The discount comes in a couple of ways. Part of the savings comes in the form of an actual discount of $50 minimum from the purchase price, while Best Buy will also give you a gift card for $50. The savings discount as we stated above could be more than the potential $50, which we’d imagine would be more if you handed in something like an old iPad.

The offer only goes until November 29th, so if you’re considering getting in on this deal you only have about 5 days left to do so. You can go to any local Best Buy shop to do the trade-in, and you can seemingly either purchase the Nexus 9 tablet at the retail store or through the Best Buy website. Either or the trade-in should work just fine. If you already own a Nexus 9 and you bought your through Best Buy you should still be able to get the trade-in deal, although that isn’t confirmed so you should check with your local shop just to be safe.

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