T-Mobile Planning A Big Cyber Monday Deal And Will Announce It On Sunday

November 25, 2014 - Written By John Anon

You know it’s Black Friday time when companies are actually itching to let you know what they have coming. T-Mobile seems to be no different. They seem (almost) genuinely excited about the Holiday period and today Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert took to the T-Mobile blog to offer a quick roundup of the savings T-Mobile have already announced.

For a quick recap these include “$5 Stateside International Talk” which as the name suggests offers unlimited calls from the US to landlines in over seventy countries for $5 a month. Next up was a free 7″ tablet for anyone on a “qualifying” data plan. Free though, does mean $0 down but you do pay the sales tax. So not free-free. Not forgetting T- Mobile also offered $100 off of the Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5. There was also a $75 accessory rebate on offer. This was for anyone who picks up either a Samsung or Sony device from T-Mobile. They can then add-on up to $75 worth of accessories and then claim back the cash via the rebate. Speaking of accessories another deal on offer is a free Quikcell Soundball when you buy $69 worth of accessories. Lastly, T-Mobile were offering to waive the $25 deposit on ‘Personal CellSpots’ which offer enhanced quality calls from anywhere

But they were all the boring stuff and to be honest what we expect from these carriers at this time of year. Instead, what is really making the news today is that down at the bottom of the flyer (shown above) was a very interesting banner. Yes, this is what is really catching peoples attention as it states T-Mobile are preparing for a “massive Cyber Monday special”. Now, no details about this have been provided and this literally could be anything. However, in Sievert’s blog (right at the bottom) it states that an announcement about the Cyber Monday special will be made on Sunday at 8pm (PST). Not to mention Sievert adds “get your browsers warmed up for 12.01am”. Although nothing for certain can be taken from this, it does suggest that maybe some sort of big discount or flash sale (like we have seen from HTC) is coming. Either way, it might be worth paying attention this Sunday. Don’t forget to check-out our roundup of the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday special.