Sony Confirms CES 2015 Attendance And Press Conference Scheduled For January 5th

November 12, 2014 - Written By John Anon

September and October were busy months. Back in September there was of course the IFA event in Berlin. This was where a lot of the big android companies made their respective announcements, introduced their new devices and told us what was in the pipeline. Following this, October was pretty much Google’s month with the unveiling of the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and the Nexus Player. Not to mention this was also the month Lollipop was properly unveiled. Now with these two months gone you may have been thinking of that was it for the year and you can now move on with digesting all the information that has flowed through.

Well technically that is true. However, come January a new year begins and all the 2015 information starts to roll through. This begins almost immediately with the annual CES event in the first week of January. In fact, the event is scheduled for January 6th through to January 9th and will be held in Las Vegas. This will be the next chance for the big name tech companies to let us know what to expect in 2015 from them. It is highly likely we will see Samsung and maybe news on the Galaxy S6 along with maybe news from LG and some of the others. One company who we can confirm will definitely be making an appearance at CES is Sony.

This morning Sony sent out an official press release advising of their attendance at CES 2015. The press release itself does not provide much information beyond the confirmation of attendance although they have advised they will be holding their press conference at CES on January 5th at 5pm (PST). In terms of what Sony will be offering, it is more than likely this is when we might be introduced to the Sony Xperia Z4. It is also possible a number of other Xperia Z4 devices will be unveiled like the Z4 tablet, Compact and so on. Plus of course, any other surprises Sony have waiting for us. So what would you like to see Sony introduce at CES? Which other companies are you hoping to hear big announcements from at CES? Let us know.