Motorola Begins Selling Individual Bands For The Moto 360 In Both Metal And Leather Options

November 26, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

The day all of us Moto 360 owners have been waiting for is finally here. At least, that’s how I’m envisioning this feeling for myself and all other Moto 360 owners. I’ll admit some of you could feel differently. So what’s the big news? Motorola is now officially selling the individual leather and metal bands for the Moto 360 smartwatch running on the Android Wear operating system. Prior to now you could get any combination of color case for the watch with a band that came with it. The issue is that certain bands only came with certain cases. Like the Black case and the Black leather band or the black metal band, for example.

Now you can actually mix and match what you want for the watch band, so if you previously bought the silver case with cognac(brown) leather band but now you really feel you’d like a silver metal one for those times when you need something that looks a little classier, the options are there. Each individual leather band will cost you $29.99, and the metal bands will cost you a total of $79.99. We already knew these prices of course because they were announced quite a while ago, it has just taken a while for them to become available for purchase.

The metal bands will be available in two separate finishes, a light finish and a dark finish, which are basically black and silver. The leather bands will be available in three colors, Black, Stone, and Cognac(brown). Sadly there is no option for the Gray leather band, nor is their any option to individually buy the gold metal band or any finishes of the slim 18mm bands. For now at least. The metal bands are made from solid stainless steel and they actually look quite nice, and the leather bands of course are made from Horween Leather. There will likely be more available options in the future, so we hope, it will probably just be a matter of time before we see them pop up. For now you can also only order these straight from Motorola’s website. You can find the link to the metal bands here, and the link for the leather bands is in the source down below.