Humble Bundle Unleashes The Humble Crescent Moon Games Mobile Bundle With 10 Amazing Games

November 24, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

You know the drill with Humble Bundles at this point. You pay what you want for some truly awesome games, and in the process you get games for cheap while your proceeds go to helping charities. This time around Humble Bundle has unleashed a new mobile bundle pack that includes titles all from Crescent Moon Games, and this time around the bundle is a huge one including 10 awesome games that can be picked up for a really low price. You can of course as we stated, pay what you want and grab some great titles. If you pay the average however you’ll unlock additional games, plus you’ll unlock any future games added to the bundle.

In this particular bundle there are also two Alpha version games making their debut and coming out from Crescent Moon that have yet to be released to mobile platforms, called Exiles: Far Colony and The Deer God. To unlock these two games you need to pay at least $8 for the entire bundle, which is easily worth it considering you also unlock everything else. Not to mention that the average amount is already sitting at $6.97, and chances are it will raise a little more in the next couple of days. Our suggestion, if you’re wanting some really awesome games jump on this bundle now and grab it before it passes the $8 mark.

So what do you get in this bundle? What are the goods? To start, you can pay what you want and grab Space Chicks, 2-bit Cowboy, Neon Shadow and Ravensword: Shadowlands, the first two being their mobile debut and the second two already having been released to mobile for quite some time. The last two games are also amazing, so you could throw down $1 and grab two awesome titles that normally cost more than $5. If you pay the average you also unlock Topia, Mines of Mars, Blocky Roads, and Shadow Blade, in addition to future titles which will probably be added within a week’s time. You can check out the YouTube video below for a brief rundown on all the included games, and than hit the source link to grab the bundle.