Google’s Project Tango Tablet Sporting An Nvidia Tegra K1 Processor Lands On The Play Store

November 13, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google’s Project Tango tablet has landed. The tablet which they had shown off at Google I/O this year as well as various times in the media prior to then, is currently listed in the Play Store however it isn’t yet available for purchase. For those who may be unaware, the Project Tango tablet is part of the Project Tango development kit which aims to give developers a powerful device to work with that can track full the dimensional motion thanks to the integrated depth sensing and motion tracking cameras. There was a time, and this is before the announcement of the Nvidia SHIELD tablet, where this seemed like a pretty cool device simply because of the Tegra K1 chip on the inside which could provide some awesome gaming performance. That isn’t the purpose of this tablet though as it’s more meant for developers.

Alongside the Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU on the inside, it comes packing a 7-inch screen, dual front facing speakers, 4GB of RAM(WOW!)and 128GB of internal storage. It certainly has a handful of powerful specs that any gamer would be happy to have in their mobile device. It also comes integrated with WiFi and NFC, which seems almost standard at this point but then again some devices don’t actually have NFC capabilities. Although the Project Tango tablet is now listed in the Play Store, it isn’t available to purchase just yet.

The idea behind having a device such as this is for the development of AR(Augmented Reality)and three dimensional games or apps for the Android platform. While you probably won’t be blocked from buying the Tango tablet once it actually goes live for purchase, we can’t imagine why you’d want to fork out the kind of cash it’s likely to cost just to utilize your every day tablet functions like web browsing, games, videos etc. Aside from the RAM and the large amount of internal storage, the Nvidia Processor is the best part about the tablet from a normal, non-developer consumer standpoint, and you can get that inside the SHIELD tablet for $299. That said, is there any of our readers who will be interested in picking this thing up for development purposes?