The BACtrack Vio Ultra Portable Breathalyzer can be yours for $43 + 10% off the Entire Android Headlines Store!

November 28, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We recently did a review on the BACtrack Vio breathalyzer, and it’s a great stocking stuffer this year. So what is it? Well it’s a portable breathalyzer that you can use to check your alcohol level. There’s also an app that goes along with it and it works on both Android and iOS. It’s available to ship to both the US and Canada. So unfortunately it can’t go to other countries outside of North America. You’re also limited to just two BACtrack Vio Breathalyzer’s per account, unfortunately.

The BACtrack Vio can sit on your keychain, it’s literally that small, and also connects to your phone via Bluetooth, making it easy to figure out what your current alcohol level is. The BACtrack Vio also uses the ZeroLine® Technology to tell you when you’ll get back down to 0.00%, so that you can make smarter decisions when drinking this holiday season.

This deal ends in about a day, so you’ll want to grab one soon. You can pick it up here.

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